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By Master Art Mason | News

Jul 12


Master Curt and Master Scott and I have spent many, many years working on, improving and adding to the system you learn at Art Mason’s Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts. We have a curriculum based program, with material all the way up to the testing for 5th Dan Black Belt. We train and certify our teachers to give the best possible martial arts education available!

For those of you who have not met our staff, here is a link to the teachers page.

Much goes into class everyday, the are lesson plans to make, attendances to keep, as well as know each student and where they are in the program. Our people are very very dedicated. But, it still all falls on the students, and their attendance in class, as well as what they put into it!

A few years back I had a boy, a very smart and nice little guy. But he was very hyper and distracted. He could have done so very well in the program, but his attendance was often very poor. With time on the floor, there result will be very poor.

We have a ton of different resources available to you that can help to make study easier, and YES you need to study! This LINK will take you to our school YouTube channel where also the entire coloured belt curriculum is available for review! Please subscribe and use this resource! This makes all the difference in the world to your progress!

In the summer it gets hot and often people become a little lazy to train, but that is the best time to do it! Classes are slow, and their is lots of change for one on one with your teacher.

There are a lot of exciting things coming this fall! Watch for it!

Here is a review video for you! One of the many at our Channel!



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