Black Belt Excellence requires TRAINING

By Master Art Mason | News

Jul 06


The learning of any martial art takes some time and definitely some devotion to training. Currently we are only operating 2 days a week so it is challenging to makeup any missed classes or pickup an extra night here and there to train. Now if things go according to plan we will be adding another day back to the schedule this fall. But time will tell!

With this in mind you need some tools to help keep you sharp! Now practicing at home, or in the yard since it is summer is a fantastic idea! but the memory needs some help too! Years ago Master Curt, Master Scott and myself got together with some students and made DVDs for the students to purchase and assist with their practice. But DVD production and sales in pain in the butt!

So we took the masters and created a YouTube account so you could access this information for FREE! Are you using it? If not go today to the channel and subscribe!

Below is a video of our Green Belt One Step Sparring techniques. If you are higher rank then Green Belt you still need to review! I still review these and I have been doing them forever! This is a rare look also at Master Curt Mason and these are the techniques he created to bring you all to a new level!


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Grand Master Art Mason
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