Black Belt Testing is over, so now what???

By Master Art Mason | News

Jun 29

Stock illustration of Karate training

After any major event in life we always take a few minutes to take a deep breath and just take it all in! That is human nature! Black Belt grading is a very grueling time, and a few days of rest are always in order! The first class back, which was Monday almost everyone attends! But what is next?

Well Friday is a holiday, it is Canada Day! So we have a long weekend, there are no classes that night, and so this is a good time to get out, have some fun and reflect!! Then either Sunday night, or Monday morning it is time to set a new goal, both short and long-term and Monday hit the dojang and TRAIN.

That is what it is all about!

Over the years many new Black Belts have come to me with what I will now call Post Black Belt Confusion Disorder because they expected to feel different after hitting their goal and they don’t! But this is all normal! Always remember it is not the destination but the journey, and the journey is not complete while we still take life’s breath! It is just starting!

When my mom passed away last year I had an old friend make a comment in a Facebook post to me, and he had no idea how much I like it. To paraphrase it said.. “your moms mission is complete, time for reassignment!” There is great truth in this! More then most people realize! Life is about the journey!

Set those news goals, If you are 1st Dan think about 2nd Dan and Master Level!

But most important, just get out and train. It is your passion!


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