Should You Take the Summer Off from Martial Arts Training?

By Master Art Mason | News

Jun 23
Mamaia Beach Romania

Mamaia Beach Romania

Every year I am fielding this question from parents, and adult students too. Should I take the summer off? The short answer is NO, that is a BAD idea!

There are many reasons, the first one which i hope is obvious is that is every student took the summer off, we would not be there in the fall. But that is just pure economics! But there is much more to the story then just our side.

Last summer I had an excellent adult student approach me, more or less asking me the question above. Should take the summer off? I am going away for 2 weeks, then there this, this and that………..

Now we will call this student, Mr Summeroff. I told him, he was an excellent student that he had to do, what he had to do. But guess what? Mr Summeroff never came back in September. Why? Because people are creatures of HABIT, and taking the summer off is breaking a good habit, and replacing it usually with a BAD one. The same with kids, why do they need a 2 month break from life? Aside from what every 10 year old with tell you, there lives are pretty good. Now by taking the summer off we instill a habit of laziness, and usually quitting.

Now there are a few people who legitimately are gone all summer, but funny they ALWAYS come back! And I am sorry i don’t buy the time element when we are talking 2 hours per week! You want results, you do the work!

Now I think of this mostly because right now we have Black Belt grading, and I look at all the hard working people who did not take the summer off to make sure they were successful! Everyone needs a vacation, no one needs to withdraw and hide for 2 months!

Now many of the kids know my view, I think school should be year round! It would be better for the student! There would be no relearning of things for the 1st month of return.But I don’t see that happening in the near future!

Adult students, just train! I know you will miss some classes over the summer for vacation and other events, but be there as often as you can! Parents, keep them coming when you are home. I know you get tired too! I was there for many years!

The benefits of martial art training come with TIME, the more TIME the greater the benefit! Unfortunately Mr Summeroff did not return, too bad, the benefit would have been far greater then a few months off.


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