Would a, could a, should a……

By Master Art Mason | News

Dec 07

12311302_1730550067165493_4537858279210836102_n The world is full of people who often say exactly what the title of this essay is. “You know I was in karate when I was a kid and if i had kept practicing I would be even farther then you.” If I had a dollar for every time I have heard this, well you know…..

Often times people get involved in the arts and sometimes life causes them to have to stop. But why did they not resume after things calmed down??? Really why??Or you get the parent with the problem child who thinks that their is a quick FIX to the issue then they can just stop. My personal favorite is the black belt who leaves to open a school and never actually does. Or they do get a school open and stop their own learning because they have decided they know everything. The learning must never stop and being is “shape” from training is not learning. Self training is great but it is not learning.

Being a martial artist is like playing a musical instrument, you just keep practicing. There really is never true mastery no matter how long you do it. You cannot master life can you? For those of you who have stopped perhaps it is time for a return. Over the last little while I have had a few old students and black belts return to training. Perhaps you should too!

And let’s not talk about that “in the new year” promise. There no tomorrow because tomorrow never comes!

See you in class!


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