Peaceful Warriors – What does it mean??

By Master Art Mason | News

Sep 24

1798070_802600366467128_2472551750936252839_n Very few people know the true origin of the name. It was the brain storm of my EX girlfriend from 1999. She would have been an amazing martial artist if she decided to continue, but she stopped. The name was her idea, and idea in which to balance the constant warrior state i was in.

I am a monster. I admit this. I think we need the death penalty, stronger immigration laws, more police and a zero tolerance to violent crime. But few agree with me. If they do they are afraid to state this opinion. Peace is only kept with a GUN or SWORD. However I am trying to be peaceful, to chose my battles wisely. Why do we have bullies in school? Because society turns it back on violence like it never happened. PUNISH the child! For real! I was strapped as a child and I deserved it!

We are all monsters trying to be better. But sometimes the sword is needed. Peace is NOT FREE. We don’t need a new government we need people to stand up!

Enough for now.


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