The Art of War and other silly things…

By Master Art Mason | News

Sep 21

NewCrest War is a fact of human existence. It has always existed and it will always exist. We as martial arts people are naive if we say we practice an art of peace.  But experience will tell us when it is time to pickup the sword, and when it is time to negotiate for peace.

Our world has not changed since the dawn of recorded time. Man is inherently evil, but we can choose to be better. And I think most people try to do this. But there is a time when we must revert back to our true physical selves and do what must be done. We search for FACT in a world were there is no FACT, only possibilities.

We are not physical beings looking for a spiritual experience. History shows without doubt how well this has worked out. We are spiritual beings here for a physical experience. So why try so hard to go back to spirit before your time? We are having an amazing experience we don’t understand, and think that trying to be spiritual will make it better. How can you try to be what you are?

People work hard to just be happy. You cannot always be happy because the very nature of existence show us opposites. War and celebration will always be there. There is no other way. What can be learned however from all this is when to fight, when to love, when to laugh and when to cry. Life is the sinking titanic and we are born to die. Wisdom teaches to choose our battles, our experiences wisely ans despite the lies we may tell we do everything for selfish reason.

Your perception is equal to your reality, your opinion is equal to your illusion and your love is equal only to your forgiveness.

I am the wisest and smartest man in the world, because I KNOW THAT i KNOW NOTHING……


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