The 3 A’s of The Peaceful Warriors’ Martial Arts

By Master Art Mason | News

Jul 18

Black Belt The 3 A’s are one of the most important elements in your martial arts eduction. We preach this to the White Belts, but not as much to the Black Belts as perhaps we should. A reminder of that they 3 A’s are and what they mean is as follows:

1) Attitude – A Black Belt Attitude – Do you act and think like a Black Belt even if you are not there yet??

2) Attendance – Attending classes 2 times per week. Do you make up missed classes?? Black Belts are you attending BLACK BELT CLASS?

3) Academics – You are keeping up with what you need to know to progress. Do you ask question? Check your card? Practice at home???

How do you rate yourself in the 3 A’s??


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