How to Choose a Martial Art School

By Master Art Mason | News

Jul 10

The principles are the same for choosing a school for yourself or your child, so I will address the answer for parents, as there are a couple of special considerations when children are involved.

Step one in choosing a school is to clearly understand what you want you or your child to gain from learning the martial arts. Is it a light recreation? Then a community center program may suffice. Is it self-defense or personal development? If so, then a full-time professional school will be more suitable. Many parents view the
martial arts as part of their child’s educational development. With a good professional school, this is very possible.

Step two is to recognize that choosing a school is really choosing an instructor. Be sure to visit the school and watch the instructor work with other children of the same age. Every school is very
different because every instructor is different. Don’t get confused by claims of black belt degrees, tournament wins or martial art styles. The only style that matters is the teaching style of the
instructor and how your child will respond to him or her.

Finally, trust your instincts. A professional school will have a family atmosphere, lots of smiles and be well kept. You’ll feel comfortable with the personnel and the facility.

While this may not end up being the closest school to your house, when it comes to your safety or the safety and education of your child, an extra ten-minute drive can make a world of difference in
the outcome.

Here is a short video on the Questions to aske when choosing a karate school.

Yours in the arts,

Master Art Mason
Founder: Art Mason’s Peaceful Warriors’ Martial Arts Institute


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