Art Mason’s Peaceful Warriors’ Colour Belt Testing Results

From White Belt to Black belt

From White Belt to Black Belt

I would like to take a moment to congratulate the following students on their recent grading and promotion at our Colour Belt Testing. Master Scott and I had a previous engagement here in Brasov and were unable to attend as we usually do via Skype.

Congratulations to the following Peaceful Warriors!

Vanja Primoric - Yellow Stripe

Vanja Primorac – Yellow Stripe


Conall Rose - Yellow Stripe

Conall Rose – Yellow Stripe

Jacob Batal - Yellow Belt Green Stripe

Jacob Batal – Yellow Belt Green Stripe

Awesome job everyone!

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Art Mason’s Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts – The Warrior’s Path Award


The Warrior’s Path Award is something new at Art Mason’s Peaceful Warriors’ Martial Arts that will be presented to one Junior student and one Senior student each March, June, September and December.

We view all of our students as successful martial artist with warrior spirit, however there are always individuals who put forth that extra effort and level of dedication that merits recognition.

The candidates will be nominated and voted on by the teaching staff and the final decision will be made by Master Art Mason and Master Scott Mason.

We encourage all students to train and develop themselves not for awards or public recognition, but to become strong, confident and productive members of the school and society. This is a very exciting aware for our school and will truly show the Student Creed and our 6 Tenets at work!

This months award will be presented in our October 1st Newsletter! If you are not yet a subscriber you can use the form below to join us!

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Pre- Congratulations to Master Riccardo Pappini

Master Riccardo Pappini

Master Riccardo Pappini

Well I am doing this a little bit premature, but that is the privilege of rank. Yesterday (Saturday) in London Master Riccardo Pappini was tested for his 5th Dan Black Belt in Kyusho Jitsu by Grand Master Steve Stewart. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am about this grading.

Now Master Rick won’t get the results until next month, however I am fully confident is how he did and how deserving this promotion will be!

Like myself Kyusho Jitsu is a passion for Master Rick and all his hard work has paid off for hi. In my absence he has been teaching our Novice and Advanced Kyusho Classes in Windsor.

So once again Congratulations Master Rick! You make us all proud!



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Back to School Time!


Well today is the first day of school. Something the parents love and the kids for the most part hate. But it is a time to get back into the routine of life, and also back to serious training!

Getting back into a steady training routine is so important. One thing it assures that constant progress is made, but also other things such as fitness are addressed. In today’s world it is very hard to stay in shape with bad food quality, video games and the western world’s sedimentary lifestyle!

So, with all that in mind, get to the dojo next class and TRAIN!

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More Info


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Labour Day Weekend


Well it is hard to believe but summer is just about finished! Kara and Billy are as I write on their way back to Canada. The school will be closed on Monday September 5th 2016 for the Labour Day Holiday. Our normal schedule will resume after that.

There are a lot of exciting things coming this fall and early next year to the Peaceful Warriors! I will keep quiet about much of it, as things can change very quickly and I don’t want to post about something and then the timeline changes.

A reminder too about the RMATC coming next July 2017 here in Brasov! Follow the link to Facebook for more information and to be kept in the loop on details!

That is all for now. Have a safe and wonderful weekend! Plus an easy return to school!


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Black Belt Grading Last Night


Last night at our Windsor Dojo of Art Mason’s Peaceful Warriors’ Martial Arts we conducted a “special” Black Belt grading for long time student Amy Lavoie.

Now we normally only hold grading once per year, but sometimes special circumstances do happen! Just before our scheduled BBX Amy tore a muscle in her calf putting her on crutches for several weeks.

So, after she was give the go ahead we scheduled this grading!

On behalf of Master Scott and Master Curt we would like to congratulate Amy Lavoie on her promotion to the rank of 1st Dan Black Belt!

Awesome testing!

Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

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Working a little extra after Class in Brasov


After class on Tuesday night we ran over a few things when it comes to doing the movement of the Octagon correctly. All of our adult students begin the use of there theories early in their training. Here we see David (Brasov) working with Windsor student Bill Borshuk.

It was a great class!


Don’t miss our Newsletter coming September 1st!!!



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Peaceful Warriors Visit Brasov Romania


Taken in Sinaia on the way to Brasov

On Saturday morning it was my great pleasure to travel from Brasov to București to pickup my dear friend and office manage in Windsor Kara Borshuk and her son Bill. Now this is a very exciting vacation for them, but we are also spending a great amount of time discussing school business, activities and events!

On of the big ones on our agenda of course is the upcoming RMATC (Romanian Martial Arts Training Camp) in July 2017. We are even doing the planning for next years BBX!

Master Art with Peaceful Warriors' Brasov student Liviu

Master Art with Peaceful Warriors’ Brasov student Liviu

Friend and student Liviu drove me to București to pickup the Borshuk’s which was very much appreciated as it took away many hours of train travel and make their arrival far more enjoyable! It was great to see the mountians and gorgious buildings.

Keep an eye our on this blog for lots more pictures, lots more pictures!

Also if you are no on our list for the monthly newsletter this is a great chance to join!

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Assault in LaSalle Park – Are you safe?

Woman elbowing a man who was trying to assault the woman

From Blackborn News:

“LaSalle police are looking for two suspects after two people out for a walk were jumped near Heritage Park on Wednesday night.

Police report one of the suspects had a knife and demanded any valuables be handed over by the young man and woman out for a walk shortly after 10pm. When the victims refused, the suspects began beating the man. The woman intervened, but was struck as well.

The two suspects then ran off without getting anything.” READ MORE HERE

And are you surprised? I am surprised it does not happen more often! But it will!

Are you PREPARED for this reality? The odds are someday this will you YOU! Or are you one of the people that believe Stats Canada? I hope you are not that naive! Do you know they don’t view a murder as a murder till there is an arrest? This is why all those native women don’t matter!

Wake up Canada! Be RESPONSIBLE for your own safety!

Follow the link below and get your FREE report! Or doing NOTHING and be a VICTIM, the choice is yours!

More Info


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Updates and Stuff!


There was a “oops” in the newsletter for August as I gave the wrong date for the Pressure Point / Kyusho class this month. It is happening this coming Saturday! My bad 😀

As we head very fast towards the end of summer things at the school will once again become very busy! There is much going on in the school, aimed at the fall and it will be a very exciting time!  Watch our upcoming posts and newsletter for all the details.

The next holiday we will be contending with is Labour Day which is Monday September 5th. There will be no classes that day!

That is all for the moment! If you are not subscribed to our newsletter please do so!


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