History of the Peaceful Warriors – Part 6 – End of an Era

Master Art 1997 Tecumseh Branch School

Master Art 1997 Tecumseh Branch School

As the new millennia approached things at Philip’s School became increasing difficult. He had started a new business which was looking promising, but the school was not doing well. After his trip to Korea nothing was never the same.

By 1996 I was running a branch school in Tecumseh and one in LaSalle. We had lost several Black Belt instructors mostly to life changes. I picked up as much slack as was possible. But my own life was also changing radically as I was about to end a marriage of 18 years. In late 1997 I ending my marriage to my children mother.

The constant moving of the main school, Philips loss of direction with the school, the loss of many Black Belts, one who left and opened his own school was leading things down a bad path. Tilbury was closed, Amherstburg was closed as was Belle River. In fall of 1999 while rollerblading with my girlfriend the decision was made that it was time for me to move on also.

I was no longer progressing in the art, mostly because I was doing so much teaching. I had reached 4th Dan Black Belt, but Master Philip had not bother to progress beyond the 5th Dan that Mr Oh had promoted him too in 1996. I was like a ship without a sail.

In January 2000 I let Master Philip know I was leaving and began the process of developing my own school. I knew he would end up closing down Tecumseh as he had already stated to me. That left Windsor and LaSalle, and one other Black Belt instructor.

It was a heart breaking decision to make. But is had to be done. I would open in Belle River.

My last night of classes was June 15th 2000. I had told the Tecumseh students that their location was closing, but talked with the adults about what they wanted to do. They could stop, go to Windsor, or come with me to Belle River.

That night, the Peaceful Warriors’ Martial Arts Institute was born.



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History of the Peaceful Warriors Part 5 – Philip’s School

Black Belts of Philips' School

Black Belts of Philips’ School

The early years of Philips School were not only a major blast, but very intense. Having full control of his own destiny and not answering to Mr Oh any longer, Master Philip had great dreams. At this point there was a total of 5 branches in operation which very soon became 7. Fortunately we had the Black Belts and depth to do what he dreamed of.

At one point I was operating a commercial / private school for him on Howard Ave at Logon, Plus there was a Main School on Lauzon Parkway, a commercial / private school in Tecumseh, and branches in Amhersburg, Belle River, and LaSalle. Oh I forgot, a private for a short time in Tilbury also. Tilbury was a long established branch school. Operations ran 6 days a week, and we were very very busy!

Shortly after the Howard school was opened Philip asked me to become the manager of the entire system, kinda like Master Curt was at with our school. I took a midnight shift at Chrysler to make sure I could do everything that was needed. Swing shift would not work.

Now the martial arts business is much more difficult then most people who are students realize. In my absence Master Rick and I always talk. It has been an eye opening experience for him. Sadly the work and the issues caught up with Master Philip and he began to look at other ways to make a living. I fully understand, but it put even more responsibility on me.

Master Philip also began a very deep spiritual path, one that did change the course of his life. In 1994 I believe it was he traveled for 3 months to Korea leaving me in charge of the entire business alone. I took a leave from work and threw myself into it full time. In his absence I grew the school by about 75 students. Upon his return I thought he would be thrilled. But it caused his interest to drop even more.

The school was headed for very serious and hard times.



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History of the Peaceful Warriors – My Kids – Part 4

Scott, Lisa and Curt in 1992 I believe.

Scott, Lisa and Curt in 1992

The Peaceful Warriors’ Martial Arts was created in March of 2000 as a family business. So no history is complete without talking about my children. As I mentioned before Curt began his martial arts training at about the age of 4 1/2 under the Chung Oh system. After the breakup and the forming of Philip’s School my other 2 children began their training.

Scott began first at about age 4 1/2 also, follow by my daughter Lisa about 6 months later. She was also between 4-5. The major difference in their beginning was their mother Cathy and I were their main teachers, but Curt still belonged to Master Philip.

For Lisa, like her brother Curt it was a love/hate relationship. however once at class she always had a great time! Now Lisa trained up to the time her mother and I divorced. At that point in time school became much more important as she had career aspirations to think about. She did make the rank of 1s Dan Black Belt before she left.

Now for Scott it was just pure love. he adored training in the arts, and as his rank progressed he was given chances to help other students of lower rank, lead the warmups, he was in his glory. As an adult he consistently had the highest quality of students. To this day he still loves teaching. Now 26 years in the arts.

Curt is currently no involved in the school, because he has chosen to dedicate his spare time to his children, which is naturally the most important thing. At 34 he now has 30 years in the arts. He trains on his own however because it never leaves you. The desire to move and understand combat.

Lisa and Scott 1997

Lisa and Scott 1997

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History of the Peaceful Warriors – Part 3 End of a Dynasty

Curt Mason White Belt

Curt Mason White Belt

I was tested and promoted to the rank of 1st Dan Black Belt in Kitchener by Mr Oh in June of 1989. It was a great achievement for me. My first long term goal had been reached. Having been a Black belt for a year now I was beginning to feel confident in the things I was doing. The school in LaSalle was going  well, enrollment was low, but the quality of the student was very high. Times were tough in the martial arts world then.

Master Philip and I had become good friends by this time. I had risen in the school to become his right hand even though I was not the ranking student. But this was what was best for the school. One night I received a call from Master Philip and he asked me to come with him to Amhersturg to the branch there, and for a beer afterwards to talk. I knew something was up.

Things between Kitchener and Windsor were not going very well. I won’t bother with the details because they don’t really matter, but divorce was coming. The following Monday Mr Oh came down to Windsor and told me personally I had my teaching rights and rank revoked. I bowed respectfully, went into the change room, removed my school crest, came back out, bowed and handed it to him. I think he was surprised. Mr Oh was a good man, but he and I did not see eye to eye on many things.

That was the end of the relationship with Kitchener, and the birth of Philips’ School of Tae Kwon Do. About 90% of the students remained with Master Philip, with a few stopping training altogether and the rest going to the new school Mr. Oh would open.

Divorce is always rough. There were hard feeling for many years afterward.


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History of the Peaceful Warriors’ Colour Belt Years Part 2

Curt Mason (left) - 2nd Dan Black Belt Inkster Michigan circa 1996

Curt Mason (left) – 2nd Dan Black Belt Inkster Michigan circa 1996

The journey in / though colour belt was amazing. The training was very hard and rigorous. By the time I was Green Belt I was assisting teaching in a branch school in LaSalle and training as much as 2 hours per night. Chung Oh’s school was very tournament oriented so we spent many, many weekends on the road to different city to compete. The team aspect was great. We had a very strong school and friendships.

I did well competing, winning about 80% of the time. I was not a provincial level competitor like many of the students were. But there was no way I could dedicate the time needed to be one.  We had some amazing fighters in the school. I did not enjoy this part of the art as much as my piers did, I love the teaching and the self defense aspects. I did not see a purpose to free sparring other then tournament.

Around the stage of Blue Belt Master Philip asked me if Curtis would like to join. He was there a lot, sitting in a chair at the back of the room, with a book or coloring. Sometimes just watching. In these days we did not take children till 7 or 8, Curt was 4 1/2. But in he went. What a mess it was! He was too young, but he loved it and tried very hard,a t first.

There was a rule for Curt being in the school. I was not to instruct him in any way. Master Philip took him under his wing. I did not contribute to Curt’s learning until he was 2nd Dan Black Belt, many, many years later.

Curt Mason and martial arts had a true love / hate relationship.

In 1988 I tested in Kitchener Ontario for my “assistant” Black Belt. A rank we still used today. In those days you were given a half red half black belt for this rank. The test began at 3:00 in the afternoon, and was finally finished everyone a little after midnight. it was in June that year, and Mr Oh’s school was on King Street on the 3rd floor of an old building. It was 90 degrees outside and 110 inside No AC…. But what an experience!

After returning to Windsor the following day I was informed by Master Philip I would be taking over running the LaSalle school as the current teacher Danny was being sent to London to take over a school there. Dreams were coming true.

More to come.

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Congratulation to Peaceful Warrior Student Bill Borshuk!


Congratulation to Red Belt Peaceful Warriors Student Billy Borshuk on his recent promotion! Below are all the details!

Bill Borshuk joined Cadets just prior to his 12th Birthday.. in this time as an Army Cadet his experience has involved.. Expedition courses is the premier ultimate training.. It challenges the best Army Cadets in Canada to the push their mental and physical limits. This training experience teaches self-reliance, leadership, and spirit of adventure they have learned at their local cadet corps. Aside from learning, hiking, kayaking, mountain climbing, horseback riding & care, first aid & wilderness first aid, parachuting, Winter Extreme survival. Camps he’s attended in his 5year term are: -Drill and Ceremonial Instructor -Survival Instructor -Expedition Instructor -Basic Drill and Ceremonial -Canadian Rockies -Winter Extreme training survival -Wales Exchange military & weapons training In the 5 years with the RCACC he has surpassed his peers & now proudly represents 2715 cadet Corp promoted to RSM in charge of 53 youths. He’s earned the Respect of his peers & fellow officers

Bill began his martial arts training with Mr Kersey at age 5 and later in his teens became a Peacefrul Warrior! We are all very proud of his achievement!

We love to recognize our students, if you have a life event you would like us to share please talk to your teachers or email me at master@thepeacefulwarriors.org



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History of the Peaceful Warriors’ – Early years

June 1999 - LaSalle with Master Scott age 13.

June 1999 – LaSalle with son Scott age 13.

I have always had a love for the combat arts. Since I was a child and first saw Bruce Lee as Kato on the Green Hornet. I was mesmerized by his kicking skills. I wanted to that! In 1970 Devonshire Mall opened in Windsor. Upstairs was a Tae Kwon Do school operated by a man named Bob Chase. I would go Saturday morning to watch the masses of people he was teaching.

My father was retired, so getting into the martial arts was just not possible, So he put me into amateur boxing. It was free and the Windsor Boxing Club had a good reputation. High school came along and I tried some wrestling too. But martial arts was my true calling.

In February 1984 I was married with a son. I got lucky and was hired by Chrysler Canada to work on the line. In those days it payed a whopping $9.75 per hour plus COLA. After I got my 90 days, and we managed to get life settle financially somewhat I began to look at following my dream. I started the search for a school.

I wanted a kicking art, so Aikido was out. On November 10th 1984 I found what I was looking for. A Hapkido / Tae Kwon Do blend taught by a very powerful looking Canadian instructor, with a STRONG linage to Korea. I joined Chung Oh’s School of Tae Kwon Do.

My instructor Philip Hollohan was a 4th Dan Black Belt and very very impressive to watch move. He was also an excellent teacher. Very kind, and very strict. Just what I was looking for! The head of the school in Kitchener Ontario was Master Chung W Oh. Also a very kind man to his new students, but very hard on the Black Belts. It all seemed to work very nicely. At this time Master Oh was a 7th Dan Tae Kwon Do Black Belt, and 8th Dan Hapkido if my memory is correct.

Training was hard, the classes were full! At the beginner we came at a different time and were taught by 2 different Red Belts. Ron Bondy and Cristina Harbou. Both these senior students were very talented. We trained 4-5 times per week, and 3 times her week when I was working afternoon shift.

I love it! I knew I was one day going to be a Black Belt. But I did not imagine how it was going to become my life.

To be continued.


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Stand Up, Be Counted, Be Heard and Be a Peaceful Warrior!!


The world has lost its direction. I can say that categorically and very few with argue with me anymore. The world is an utter mess, bent on self destruction.

Why? Because the sheep we call people believe everything they read, and stand for NOTHING anymore. It needs to change, we need a paradigm shift in thinking.

We live in the information age. Technology has put the world of learning at our fingertips. But has anyone learned anything today? Or are you vomiting the lies and propaganda you see on Facebook about the world of US politics? Everyday I watch here in Brasov as people go down the street, busy posing for their selfies, to post for the world to see.

Yet for as many selfies as they take, they don’t know themselves at all.

You are lied to day in and day out by the media, the government, the system. My guess from my research is about 15% of what you see is true, the rest is manipulation. You are so asleep you actually believe that right or wrong is part of a political or religious agenda. WRONG!! WRONG!! WRONG!! WRONG!!

Right and wrong are found in your own consciousness, your own heart. Hopefully your WARRIORS heart.

Every part of your life has been bought and paid for by BIG business. And TRUMP is not BIG business. In that world he is a wannabe!

“But what can we do about it?” Even that question shows your programming. It is a BAD question. The real questions is, “What can I do about it?”

For those of you in Ontario Canada as an example, have you called the Premiers office and told her people what you think? Have you asked for her resignation yet? And I don’t mean by sharing BS on Facebook. Using the old phone and making a call, then again tomorrow, and the next day…….Until it is resolved!

Change the way you think! You are not helpless, unless you think you are. Then, if more and more people start to do this, you will see real change! Not the garbage the lying politicians tell you. Have you really not learned yet?

This is called REVOLUTION and is the tool of the WARRIOR. Peaceful revolution. Will it work? Yes but not instantly. An instant world is part of their lies! Take to the streets in PEACEFUL protest. Violence will not at this point in time solve anything. Like the very BLIND in the USA still don’t see, that makes things worse, Unless you are will to go all the way. A protest using violence is a RIOT and holds no credibility.

If you don’t stand for something, you fall for everything.

Stand up for what YOU believe in, with remorse or fear. And if you hurt a few feelings SO BE IT!

Be a Warrior, one of peace, educated and true.



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Getting the MOST out of Your Training at Peaceful Warriors

Stock illustration of Karate training

Being a student in the martial arts is an usual thing. There is really no student guide as to how you should prepare to the get the most out of the experience.

No wait! There is a Student Guide. Oh Wow!

Click on the link below and you can read it!

Basic RGB

But with that said, here are a few recommendations to get the most our of training!

  • Try to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled class time. This will give you a few moments to warm up, work on a pattern, or ask any questions of the teachers you may have.
  • Don’t sit and wait, do something. This ties in with the first. Don’t sit and wait for your class to start, work on something.
  • Prepare your things for class before it is time to go. Rushing around at the last minute is mentally exhausting and it will curb your performance for the day.
  • Go over techniques in your mind. Mental practice is as important as physical!
  • If you miss lessons arrange with Master Rick or Sabumnim Rob for some private work. It is free and good experience too!
  • Ask questions!
  • Think well ahead about your next testing. Don’t be a last minute person!

And please download and read the student guide! It explains so much!

Have a great day!


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In Today’s World, Life can become Overwhelming

Be the Wolf of Life, not the sheep. Take control and train.

Be the Wolf of Life, not the sheep. 


Now is that not true? There is so much going on in our world today, and about 85% is simply garbage. But we still see it, it still distracts us and makes us feel like we are going to go crazy!

Believe me, it happens to all of us. The question is what are you going to do about it?

We are dealing with the very realistic possibility of global conflict, global depression. The world class bullshit going on in the USA, a once great country reduced to an arguing, fighting mess.

It seems like EVERYTHING is wrong! Social media makes it worse because it is always in your face!

What can you do?


Now what I am referring to? Many times students will take time off class because they feel overwhelmed with life. Perhaps they are worried about marks at school, problems at home, work or what have you. We all deal with this!

Once a long time ago Master Philip Hollohan told me at one of my worst hours, “they cannot take this away from you.” he was referring not to just my knowledge of martial arts, but my personal training.

Martial Arts unites Mind, Body and Spirit, but only if you train!

I don’t care if you are a white belt, or a grand master. When life goes to shit, TRAIN. When life is good TRAIN.

If you are a religious person and pray for help. Do it! But get off your BUTT and train!

This will refocus your MIND, and give you the ability to cope.

This will refocus the Body and give you back your health

This will refocus the Spirit and give you the inner strength you need to deal with the non stop drama and bullshit of this present reality we live in.


PS- NO excuses please!



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