Working a little extra after Class in Brasov


After class on Tuesday night we ran over a few things when it comes to doing the movement of the Octagon correctly. All of our adult students begin the use of there theories early in their training. Here we see David (Brasov) working with Windsor student Bill Borshuk.

It was a great class!


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Peaceful Warriors Visit Brasov Romania


Taken in Sinaia on the way to Brasov

On Saturday morning it was my great pleasure to travel from Brasov to București to pickup my dear friend and office manage in Windsor Kara Borshuk and her son Bill. Now this is a very exciting vacation for them, but we are also spending a great amount of time discussing school business, activities and events!

On of the big ones on our agenda of course is the upcoming RMATC (Romanian Martial Arts Training Camp) in July 2017. We are even doing the planning for next years BBX!

Master Art with Peaceful Warriors' Brasov student Liviu

Master Art with Peaceful Warriors’ Brasov student Liviu

Friend and student Liviu drove me to București to pickup the Borshuk’s which was very much appreciated as it took away many hours of train travel and make their arrival far more enjoyable! It was great to see the mountians and gorgious buildings.

Keep an eye our on this blog for lots more pictures, lots more pictures!

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Assault in LaSalle Park – Are you safe?

Woman elbowing a man who was trying to assault the woman

From Blackborn News:

“LaSalle police are looking for two suspects after two people out for a walk were jumped near Heritage Park on Wednesday night.

Police report one of the suspects had a knife and demanded any valuables be handed over by the young man and woman out for a walk shortly after 10pm. When the victims refused, the suspects began beating the man. The woman intervened, but was struck as well.

The two suspects then ran off without getting anything.” READ MORE HERE

And are you surprised? I am surprised it does not happen more often! But it will!

Are you PREPARED for this reality? The odds are someday this will you YOU! Or are you one of the people that believe Stats Canada? I hope you are not that naive! Do you know they don’t view a murder as a murder till there is an arrest? This is why all those native women don’t matter!

Wake up Canada! Be RESPONSIBLE for your own safety!

Follow the link below and get your FREE report! Or doing NOTHING and be a VICTIM, the choice is yours!

More Info


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Updates and Stuff!


There was a “oops” in the newsletter for August as I gave the wrong date for the Pressure Point / Kyusho class this month. It is happening this coming Saturday! My bad 😀

As we head very fast towards the end of summer things at the school will once again become very busy! There is much going on in the school, aimed at the fall and it will be a very exciting time!  Watch our upcoming posts and newsletter for all the details.

The next holiday we will be contending with is Labour Day which is Monday September 5th. There will be no classes that day!

That is all for the moment! If you are not subscribed to our newsletter please do so!


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Colour Belt Testing July 30th 2016


On Saturday July 30th we had our monthly colour belt testing for anyone eligible to move to the next rank. First we would like to congratulate the 2 ladies who tested this month and did an amazing job!

Congratulations to following:

  • Johanne Chandler _ Yellow Belt White Stripe
  • Greenlee Hawthorne – Green Belt

Master Scott and I watched the grading via Skype and were very pleased and impressed with the progress each student has made on their journey to Black Belt!


Greenlee receiving her new Green Belt from Kyo Sa Nim Amy

Johanne receiving her Yellow Belt White Stripe from Kyo Sa Nim Ivor

Johanne receiving her Yellow Belt White Stripe from Kyo Sa Nim Ivor

As a further note is was wonderful to see Kyo Sa Nim Amy back on the floor after stuffing a calf injury. She recovered very quickly and Master Scott and I are thrilled to see her back so soon!

Now tomorrow is August 1st and it is the Civic Holiday in Ontario! So there will be no classes tomorrow evening. This is the last real long weekend of summer before the kids are back in school so we wish you all a safe and fun holiday!

August 1st is also the release of our 2nd Newsletter! It is sent our in PDF format by our mail server. If you are not on our Newsletter Mail List you can subscribe below! There are also various popups that will appear from time to time for this.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Yours in the arts,


Grand Master Art Mason
Founder: Art Mason’s Peaceful Warriors’ Martial Arts

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Real Pressure Point Mondays


Back about 4 years ago I had a video series on our YouTube Channel called “Real Pressure Point Mondays.” This series was very popular with our students, as well as other outside of our school.

Below is one of the old videos, shot a one of our older locations while we were trying to find a permanent home. It is still a good series and I am working to begin this once again in the fall! Check out the video, and if you have not subscribed to our school channel please do so! There is a lot of great content there for you to help enhance your learning!


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Martial Arts Schools and the McDojo


Ok I am going to go on a FUN rant here. I just have too! I have been called, like many other commercial martial arts school a McDojo and the really funny thing is the people saying this think that is an insult.

Lets look at the facts! McDonald’s is one of the most successful businesses in the world, and it is because of the very thing there people are saying is wrong. They operate by systems! McDonald’s has never claimed to have good food, just that it was FAST and convenient for the tired, stressed out mom.

You deserve a break today! Right Mom?

If they wanted to they could have created a food chain with excellent healthy food and they would have done just as well. Why? Because founder Ray Krok was a genius business man. He saw a need and went for it!

The martial arts school I came from was run by an excellent martial arts master and a good teacher. However he had no real systems in place to assure the needs of ALL his students were met, not just the talented ones. The martial arts masters of old, as far as being “teachers”, were EPIC FAILURES because they took pride in their DROP OUT rate! And not how low it was either! From the system I came from, which is no longer in business, that saw thousands of students, there are 4 of us left!


The martial art I teach is of outstanding quality, the system in my schools are world class. All came from working with the best in the industry. Yes their are bad schools out there. But calling them a McDojo is just showing them how McStupid you are.

Bad schools don’t last, bad businesses don’t last. If you are wondering how good a school is go and visit and talk to the parents there. Always form you own opinion based on research, and not crap you read on Facebook or see on YouTube.

As for those martial artist who love to bash the McDojo, perhaps follow the tenets that should exist in your art? Being a Black Belt does not make you any authority on ANYTHING other then perhaps the art YOU study. But that even depends on time served! What I know about school operations, teaching students and business I learned from real experts. I just don’t pretend to know because I am a Black Belt…..

As for McDojo? THANK YOU for the compliment!

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The Peaceful Warriors & The Octagon


The octagon, one of the most interesting theories and application studies in the martial arts. Back in late 2000 I was first introduced to this amazing study, then again in spring of 2001. We took the plunge.

Today movement in the octagon is a very important part of our art, Hon Sang Mu Sa Hapkido. Below is a video about 8 minutes long from a few years back.Take a watch, learn all you can about this, ask questions and keep moving:)

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What is the BEST Martial Art for Self Defense?


I know you are expecting me to say mine 😀 But I am not going to! What is the best martial arts for self defense? That depends on YOU!

Self Defense, just like “fighting” and no they are not the same thing, is a mindset. I am not into “fighting.” I was when I was younger, but now honestly I think it is silly and I am not quiet sure what people are proving. But that is not my problem.

Now if someone tells me they are going to take, or are taking MMA or Kickboxing for self defense I am going to try to direct them somewhere else. The mindset is different and the odds are the teacher or coach does not understand this.

When someone comes to me it does not take me long to know if they are capable of defending themselves.

The mindset is pretty obvious. As a “teacher” and not a coach I am going to try to teach them what they need to do, and how they need to think to be successful if they are ever in a bad situation, or a life and death situation. Success depends on them.

Most people can be taught, there are some that cannot. But it is all choice!

What martial art is best?? The one you are in NOW. You planted the seeds and now the roots are growing and you want them to run deep! If you are in a sport martial art and want it to work in street defense, study the mindset of being attacked. Movement is movement, mindset is different.


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The Secrets to Online Safety for Kids

Online Safety Internet Social Networks

The world is online and i don’t see that changing in the near future. With that in mind there are things parents can do to help assure your child has a positive experience on the net, and not one that leads to tragedy like we see so often today.

Here are some simple things you can do!

  • Setup Facebook and other social networks with your email accounts. Kids don’t need email!
  • Never use real names for children. Especially a family name. Use something that makes it impossible to trace.
  • Know your child’s passwords and logons. This is not an invasion of privacy, it is a MUST to keep them safe from the scumbags out there! And there are scumbags then you imagine!
  • Cover the webcam or disable it!
  • Children AGREE to this access, it is all above board. Any sneaking around results in lost privileges.
  • If they receive any kind of message from someone they don’t know they NEVER answer it! The message is reported immediately to the parents and then the police depending on content
  • Any bullying is also not replied to but reported!

The internet can be a fun place, but there is about a 25% scumbag or higher ratio out there! Being safe is more important then being COOL.

For more information on our programs for children please click the link below. We are not a tournament / competition martial arts, we are about self improvement, self defense and safety.


Yours in the keeping kids SAFE,


Grand Master Art Mason
Founder: Art Mason’s Peaceful Warriors’ Martial Arts

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